Erotic spanking tips

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For over years, mainstream media has depicted spanking as something that consenting adults can use to get off, build intimacy and control one another. Spanking is common in power play relationships, can be used during role play and even allows some romantic relationships to function in a healthy manner. Quick Warning: While this tutorial video is quite distressing, it will teach you how to make your man scream with pleasure and become sexually addicted to you.

Erotic spanking tips can be tons of fun to be pulled over your lovers lap, have your skirt slid up and panties pulled down and to feel his hand smacking your ass. Learn how punishment can be sexy here. Spanking is often a form of release for people, so laughing or even crying can occur because of the rush of emotions.

More on submission and kink here. Giving up control can prove to be relaxing, and some people like spanking because it allows them to give up their worries for a moment. It can simply be a way to relax without having sex involved. If you want to give your man back-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms that will keep him sexually addicted to you, then you'll find them in my private and discreet newsletter.

Get it here. Paddles are typically made from leather and come in a variety of sizes, and some are lined with fur, silicone, plush fabrics and other materials. The wider the paddle, the more diffuse the blow, which makes it easier to deal with.

Erotic spanking tips

Sometimes paddles have images or words etched into them to leave a sexy de in your backside. Slappers are paddles with two layers. The first makes contact with your skin, then the second layer hits for double impact! They make for great sexy gifts. Crops are long, thin tools crafted after riding crops. A crop lands on a small and specific area, sometimes in a specific shape such as a heart or star, causing more acute sensations.

Erotic spanking tips

Canes are long implements made from a variety of materials. You can even find canes that light up with LEDs. Narrow canes are much more stingy, and you may find just a few swings are enough. Whips are single-tail implements that are swung through the air. Whips are often made from leather or leather substitutes. Floggers have more than one tail and can be made from soft materials such as suede or fur that work well for lighter play scenes. If you are new here, then you may want to take the quiz below to learn how good you are at giving oral sex and satisfying your man.

You may discover you that you suck pun intended erotic spanking tips that you are already a blow job queen. Of course, a hair brush, belt, wooden spoon or spatula make for cheap and easy-to-access tools to get your spanking on, too! Try spanking out with one of those to see whether you like it. There are many items to try when it comes to spanking, and you can try them all or stick to your favorite. Some people prefer broad implements that diffuse the pain, while others want more stingy sensations, and your preferences can change for a variety of reasons.

You can just as easily lean erotic spanking tips the coffee table or have your partner bend over the sofa to bare his ass and thighs for spanking. An under-the-bed restraint system enables you to be bound, face down, to receive your spanking. Vertical bondage systems such as the St. The fleshy spot toward the bottom of the cheeks is perfect for avoiding permanent damage, and it can also be quite orgasmic for the person on the the receiving end.

Many women also enjoy light spanking on the vulva, but the sensitivity of this area means you probably want light swats with a hand rather than something like a cane. Throwing a whip or swinging a flogger can be quite exhausting!

Erotic spanking tips

In fact, variety can be the spice of your sex life. Add spanking to a sexy game where you pretend to be a naughty schoolgirl or nurse! That is, she thinks she can handle more than she can. Your safe word is a word or phrase you use to indicate that your partner should slow down or stop spanking entirely. One popular method is Green, Yellow and Red, like stoplights. For scenes where you may be gagged, a ball that you can drop when erotic spanking becomes too intense als that your partner should check in with you.

safety ideas in this guide to BDSM. Finally, keep physical safety in mind during erotic spanking.

Erotic spanking tips

For example, stay away from the lower back where the kidneys are. Erotic spanking obviously works well in BDSM scenes, but you can just add it to your rough sex. Check out more rough sex ideas. Still, you might not want any marks to show up after an erotic spanking session. Bruises, welts and other s of your bedroom romps might not be appropriate at work or around friends and family members. You can take a of steps to minimize the physical s of erotic spanking:. These techniques will help to prevent and heal bruising or marks, but you can wear long sleeves or even place a bandage over any bruises that you must hide.

Steps that follow any spanking or BDSM scene are known as aftercare and are important to creating a safe place where you and your partner can explore erotic spanking or other elements of Erotic spanking tips. A plan for aftercare is essential when you venture into harder spanking, more extreme bondage and emotionally-taxing BDSM scenes. Setting up a space place is important for many people to enjoy erotic spanking. However, some people may never enjoy this activity no matter how much they trust their partners.

It may be impossible for people to enjoy spanking in an erotic manner if they were spanked as children or otherwise abused. However, if you can partner can find your rhythm when it comes to a little ass smacking, you can experience a different type of intimacy and spice up your bedroom time! I want to teach you some oral sex techniques I call "sexual heroin" because they will make any man completely and utterly addicted to you, doing anything just to be with you.

These secret oral sex techniques, that you can use on any man, will give him back-arching, body-shaking, screaming orgasms so powerful that he may pass out afterwards. Discover them here. If you are in a relationship where the "spark" is no longer there and would like to experience more passion, fire, and intensity then you may want to check them out.

Some side effects include: Having a man who constantly looks at you like he wants to rip your clothes off. Other women becoming jealous of your relationship and how your man treats you. A guy who makes excuses to his buddies and cancels on them so he can spend more time with you. A man who can't keep his hands off you. You're also going to hear a story of how one woman used them to overcome a potential divorce and make her marriage stronger and more passionate than she ever thought possible.

Listen to her story here. Sometimes when my boyfriend starts backing off when I start to struggle feels like counterproductive in discipline punishment style spanking. Sometimes I actual asked for a real no nonsense spanking about every other month or so. I like this power exchange that happens and I feel the of energy and cathartic release from being spanked beyond being able to make words.

Sure I have burses and welts but that tranquil feeling of being centered again is wonderful. The pain from the spanking is catalyst to release negative emotions. So, sometimes I do ask for a no-nonsense no safe word spanking with no specified and keep going until I really sobbing. As I am pushing my jeans and panties down, sometimes I have to remind my boyfriend before the spanking start to not to back off just because I am starting to struggle and to actual start the non stop rapid fire erotic spanking tips with no pauses between whacks until I get that sobbing release.

I have to remind him that for this one, he gets to decide when I had enough and I trust him explicitly and I really want this. I have to remind of that because he is always so gentle and has always stopped when I yell out safe word. But every one in a while, I need and want a real blistering with his office belt or the flat part of the handle of a bamboo backscratcher from the dollar store he has, or a combination of both. I have a surrogate Dom. We have fun and he treats me well, but also controls Mr firmly but fair. We play afterward and cuddle. Boy do I get spanked, bottom high, shaven vagina, legs apart, I love it.

Sir at all times with more erotic OTK time with his powerful hanc if I forget to call him Sir or put my bottom up high. I enjoy respecting him and pleasing him and am rewarded with stimulating touches and orgasms at his permission but oh how fun it is to just cum on purpose. I have a relationship based on trusts care and eroticism with discrete discipline. I was punished properly for having another Dominant I played with. He cares for my well being erotic spanking tips. No sex with my Dom but…emotional relationship that goes very deep.

Hes helped alot. I found your website while searching something I call loving submissive … I, an elderly male, have been aware of being having a submissive nature since, well, sense forever. How it started? Later I had submissive fantasies… and a couple times even had wonderful submissive relationships. The best one, I can recall everything she did and made me do, but I am unable to remember her name. What does that tell you. Okay, the point of this note is to applaud your site. I am a young woman interested in exploring and unleashing her dominant side. Have been a Catwoman fan for as long as I can remember.

Only interested in the light forms of bondage and discipline for now, but who knows what the future may hold…. Belts can be erotic spanking tips. My husband used one to make me red and puffy between my legs. Once, I made the mistake of asking if it was red enough. He would tell me. And I got it all over. He did that night. It was amazing.

Erotic spanking tips

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Erotic Spanking: How to Master This Basic But Sexy BDSM Move