Jerk guy names

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Jerk guy names

Naming is not easy. It might seem like a trivial matter, but there are plenty of parents who lost sleep over the decision and will tell you otherwise. But sometimes an uncommon name can be a good thing. This list has gathered 25 names that are both uncommon and edgy, each name carrying its own personality that paints a picture before someone even meets the child attached to the name.

From good-hearted bikers to country club bad boys, nearly every kind of edgy is covered on the list below. Most of the names have origins that are easy to trace, some of which are exciting and some of which are just mildly interesting. Other names seem to have come from nowhere, with little to no information on their background but more than enough personality to make up for it.

Jerk guy names

Whether the name is from Old High German, Latin, or developed sometimes in the last twenty years, every name on this list has its own edge, its own weight, and its own story. Played by the ever-dreamy Charlie Hunnam, Jax started the show as an outlaw biker with a heart of gold who is ultimately drawn into the chaos of his biker gang. Despite the popularity of the show, however, the name is still incredibly uncommon. It first appeared on documents in the United States in and to this day is only used for roughly 1 in every 1, babies born in America.

Angelina Jolie popularized the name when she named her first son Maddox after adopting him from Cambodia. It has lost some of its popularity in the last sixteen years or so, but it definitely has not lost any of its cool. Kids named Maddox just sound like kids that are on the front end of the fashion curve. Maddox is the kid on jerk guy names playground who looks cooler than half the parents there and still manages to build the coolest castle in the sandbox. Every name tells a story and sometimes it is so effective that people think they know a person before meeting them, based on their name alone.

It is still considered one of the most impenetrable military installations in the world. He will be the last to crack up at a funny joke but have a heart of gold under all that seriousness. That will all have to come later, of course. Blaze is also the fastest kid on the playground, practically leaving literal circles around the other. Yeah, neither could we.

Jerk guy names

He would get too bored and then out would come the roller skates! Who else could come to mind but Charles Xavier himself, leader of the mutant superheroes? It is possibly one of the edgiest names out there for little boys who will grow up to be comic book lovers. Yes, he will like comic books, but he also stands up to the bully who tries to same him for it. A kid named Xeno is equally likely to be a fire swallower and perform in front of sold out crowds as he is to be the person who discovers cold fusion back yard while messing around in his garage.

Putting it mildly, the kid is going to be an eccentric kind of brilliant. After all, the name is assumed to be taken from a holy book and the few famous people attached to the name are an actor and a pianist. But a name like Zaccai makes it clear that this kid has roots and means business. He is a tough cookie that will trudge through hard work and hard conditions to jerk guy names where he needs to go and do what he needs to do.

But the name is much, much older than that. The Roman goddesses were anything but soft. After all, the goddess of love was hooking up on the sly with the god of war and most people were more afraid of her than they were jerk guy names him! So do not mistake Pax as anything but the perfect name for a kid who likes peace and does not shy away from any fight they think is necessary to achieve the peace they want. Classic rock fans and Viking descendant, this one is for you.

Axl Rose brought the name to the mass, making it much more than just a car part.

Jerk guy names

He made the name rock. He is a dreamer who lives big and lives loud without once thinking he should ever live any other way. Zain is one of those names that seems to have always been around and always belonged to the cool. This name stems from the Arabic word for beauty and, if Zayne Malik is any indication, it bestows beauty on anyone carrying the name.

Jerk guy names

The name Zain rolls off the tongue and sounds at once suave and rugged. He would do it all as much for the thrill as for the fun of it, the two intermingled for him until telling one from the other is probably an exercise in futility. But that same kid would end the day impeccably dressed. Fashionable without trying and too cool to worry about what other people think. No, the city itself was named for a magical creature whose life ends in a blaze of its own glory, only to rise reborn from the ashes looking more magnificent than before.

Anyone with a name like Phoenix would be impossible to keep down for this very reason. They would only rise again, wiser and more vibrant for the experience, renewed and ready to face down anything foolish enough to stand in their jerk guy names. Kids who carry this name will soar right over trouble, leaving the mundane behind as they spread magic in their wake.

Some names are hard to pin down a meaning for, usually because they are spelling variants on other names. Rydder is a great example of this. Even when it does make the baby name charts it is usually among the most uncommon names on record. Rydder might not be a common name, but that will only make the little knight shine even more.

Storm, like Jerk guy names, is a name that almost exclusively brings the X-Men to mind. The storm of comic book fame might seem an odd choice to name a boy after, at first. In fact, put it at the top of that list. But they are also the ones who get in trouble or get on the bad side of the authority figures in their life, at least when they act out.

Yikes, talk about a parenting challenge! Which, we imagine, is a much more enticing name for someone! This another name that might lead to the parents giving minor history lessons whenever they meet someone new. Most of the names on this list have a pretty cut and dry meaning, but Broderick is a little trickier. Some argue that it is Irish in origin while other argue that it is Welsh. No matter where it started, however, there is only one person it really brings to mind for most people these days and that person is Matthew Broderick.

He is best known for his role as Ferris Bueller, a lovable troublemaker whose need for a day off leaders to a wildly good time. And despite the fact that Broderick is nothing like his iconic character, his name conjures up the same trickster ideal.

Broderick is the kid who will go through life living it to the fullest. That might not always mean following the rules - usually the opposite, in fact - but, hey, we only live once! Try to imagine someone named Lawson sitting at a desk processing tax returns of driving a bus. Both of these jobs are important, make no mistake. Someone name Lawson is almost guaranteed to find themselves fitting the strong, silent stereotype.

Jerk guy names

He is not the type to say much, but he will be the first one to step up when things get rough and he will be the last one to back down. Jericho was a walled city in the Bible whose walls were brought low by Angels. If you can think of any city name more regal, I would love to hear it because I definitely cannot think of one! All that history gives a name some weight and any kid named Jericho is going to have to grow into that weight. Jerichos are not silly people by any means. They are the guys who run the show without trying and they are definitely not the type to give up power easily.

It would be easier, in fact, to move heaven and earth first! Brysen is edgy in the way that a good boy from the wrong side of the tracks is edgy. He has a good heart but it is wrapped up in leather, chains, and chrome. He is just as likely to be found with his hands covered in motor oil as he is to have his nose in a book and he is not opposed to a brawl in the name of protecting those he loves.

I do think, however, that we all know a name like Stone will send a kid in one of two directions. On the one hand, Stone could end up as the cool guy that can shred a wave, skate wail, or snow drift without breaking a sweat.

He is the guy who looks permanently tanned, even in the dead of winter. On the other hand, Stone could also end up being a militant ecological advocate. Either way, Stone is in perpetual motion as if fighting against the fact that stone can be the most immovable substance on earth. He is the embodiment of what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. As a name, Cooper has been around for a very long time. It was originally used to refer to someone who made barrels for a living, but it has since become a fairly common surname.

Coopers are the guys who hang out at the skate shop or on the beach, helping everyone else get better at skating or surfing without even thinking about it. This jerk guy names has its own edge that is very different from the names that all came before and is matched only by the next name on our list.

A name like Chett has an edge like a sword. It brings posh Englishmen to mind, the young aggressive ones with the world at their feet. Chett sounds like the name of someone you meet when he is on horseback or jerk guy names getting back from the club and it is not a name with any softness to it, letting the edge take the lead. But not the silly kind of snooty, oh no. Royce is not a name for a silly person.

Jerk guy names

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