Naughty instagram accounts

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Naughty instagram accounts

Instagram has taken over our lives. It seems it has even entered one of the most private, and yet most talked about topics, sexuality. We made a little selection of our favorite erotic art s on Instagram and asked the artists behind what inspires them, what they think about feminism and how Social Media influence the way they work. With very sensuous and dark, twisted characters, French artist Apollonia Saintclair gives us goosebumps every time we visit her. What made you want to naughty instagram accounts erotic pictures in the first place?

How did it all start? Sex is a beautiful playground to show humanity. There was no real beginning; I simply followed my inclination to discover and show secret, hidden, intimate things. Drawing is about telling a story using every dot, every line to suggest something in the mind of the viewer. Instagram is a very fast medium that excels at presenting drawings with powerful graphic impact.

It is an exercise of simplification and densification in the creation of a drawing. But it is also a non-committal media: you have to appreciate the positive or negative returns that you receive, but not allow yourself to deviate from your own path. Does it affect your work and if so how? I understand perfectly that some content can not be viewed by all ages. The problem is not censorship, but censors. This task is not done by persons competent to appreciate the artistic value of an image, but by private individuals who impose their moral conceptions on the majority.

Would you consider your art as feminist or sexually positive for women? What does the word feminist mean to you? I am certainly particularly interested in the role of women in our world, but my art is mostly humanistic, without distinction of gender. And definitely sexually positive. From very romantic pictures to more tortured — yet always with that joyful twist — scenes, the Milan-based artist dedicates all her paitings to her long-distance relationship partner.

What a hot way to keep close beyond the real physical distance! In my drawings I tell the story of my long-distance relationship. Our respective jobs prevent us to meet often, so I use Instagram to give a good morning to my man every day, wherever he is.

This somehow helps us feel a little closer to each other. Everything about my relationship. Although some drawings are more explicit than others, my goal is to always communicate in a gentle and kind manner. My profile is visited by people from all over the world and with values, cultures and sensibilities different from mine. I respect all these people and want to bring them comfort and delicacy. I tell a story about love, naughty instagram accounts and melancholy, and I represent the naked body because it describes in a more efficient way my fragility and my naturalness.

It is said that sex is like food and I agree. I believe that sex is positive when you also have a positive memory, not just in the moment of the act. I do not recognize myself in the definition of a feminist. I respect and support gender equality, but without labels and definitions.

Naughty instagram accounts

Based in the Mexican capital — although always ready for new adventures and places to live at — 26 year old Eromatica lets us sneak peek into little framed scenes of sexual thoughts. The artist invites us to dive into the framed, cartoon-like drawings and make up a story of our own, according to our personal and most intimate desires. It made me want to express myself and it has helped me a lot, my soul and sexual appetite needed to be set free and I found liberation by drawing kinky situations between couples and alone.

At first illustrations were inspired from myself and what my kinkyness was asking for. If I had to, I would say that my followers are inspiring me the most. I love to see how couples tag each other naughty instagram accounts my illustrations — it gives me goosebumps. A lot. The magic behind the way Instagram works and the interaction with followers makes it amazing to work on projects like this. Understanding their feelings has helped a lot to keep the project growing.

I try to avoid censorship to not affect the main goal of the illustration, but sometimes I do play with hair, clothes and body-parts to cover intimate parts. Yes and no, I consider my art positive naughty instagram accounts everyone. I do lean a little bit more towards women. Sadly, history has shown that not everyone enjoys the same rights and I firmly believe in equal rights for all genders. In this universe we are all the same. Fine black lines give birth to details of intimate parts and kinky details of intimate sexuality. Always with a humourous twist, the 33 year old artist from Germany shows us her own interpretation of sexuality as something joyful and fun.

Well… actually I gave up drawing many years ago for several personal reasons.

Naughty instagram accounts

By the way: the Insta rules actually say that nudity in drawings and paintings is okay. Oh yes! I really hope that people interpret my work as sexually positive. In black and white he manages to bring us tropical heat waves through his incredibly sensual paintings. The Helsinki-based painter always finds a way to sneak in plants, silent observers of sexual encounters between different genders or of beautifully staged moments of selflove.

Naughty instagram accounts

Yes, warmth and passion also comes from the cold north! The biggest issue for me was to accept the idea that this is the line of work that I really and honestly want to paint. As a cis man painting nudes, especially female nudes was for me somewhat burdened by the patriarchal tradition of looking and portraying nudity and sexual imagery.

Naughty instagram accounts

I want to offer an alternative way of looking at bodies connecting in sexual scenarios. Another more mundane reason might be the shortness of Finnish summers. I cherish those times when you can really stay warm in minimum clothing.

Naughty instagram accounts

I adore the shower series from the Sixties, and the contemporary Bigger Picture paintings of the nature for their guts and vitality despite their traditional topics. I also enjoy his brush strokes; raw and unpolished. Instagram is my biggest window to the world. It is amazing to reach a truly global audience. Instagram has affected on the rhythm and frequency of working. Sometimes my paintings look like a mess in those tiny Instagram squares. Some posts have been deleted and that happens to all of us. And it is really arbitrary. When something gets deleted I do feel a bit shaky and violated for a short while.

But I try to think that maybe my paintings might be absolutely shocking to some people and they might have good reasons for it. But they could always just block me. Both I hope. I have lot of empathy for all my painted characters. I think they are in their given roles all very vulnerable and strong at the same time. I am a big supporter of gender fluidity. With the definitions of gender there are lots of assumptions imposed on you no questions asked.

It might be helpful for many to consider stepping outside the binary box just for the fun of it. For me feminism means at least two things: 1. I try to naughty instagram accounts myself open. Painting is a great tool for that.

Naughty instagram accounts

Life is a beautiful journey. No point in closing the shades in midway. How has Instagram changed the way you work?

Naughty instagram accounts

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