Taboo fetishes

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Last night, Channel 4 aired a controversial program called Kinky Britain. I've had the idea of doing something about sexual fetishes for a while, but after this hit our screens and I gauged the reactions on Twitter I thought it was time. The show's premise was to showcase certain sexual fetishes. What people get up to in the privacy of their own homes or cars, or generally anywhere is up to them, right?!

Taboo fetishes

Who the fuck are these people? Sure, I don't understand certain kinks, but if someone's comfortable enough with their sexuality and they've found something that gets them off - who are you to judge them? These sexually-repressed people are almost certainly the kind of people who should be opening themselves up to experimentation - just sayin'.

So when I wrote a status on social media asking for people to tell me about their own sexual fetishes I expected a few people to say any variation of these. She said: "I dated a guy when I was a teenager who asked me to dress up in my old Subway uniform. Safe to taboo fetishes it didn't work taboo fetishes. Now, this is definitely one that I've never heard of before. Would this come under BDSM or humiliation? I can't quite decide. She continued: "I was so young and I kind of assumed it was maybe normal - I don't know.

I had more questions Apparently it wasn't. Hey, it takes all sorts to make a world. I also like to be teased with a women's sex toy. This is pretty easy to pick apart. Sex toys are the one fetish in Britain and that's not just aimed at women.

Plus, a little bit of fantasy is always good in the bedroom. Me: "Oooh okay, people wearing them or just in general? Jack: " Yeah, girls wearing them.

Taboo fetishes

Absolutely no idea why. Actual glasses too, not sunglasses. To the point where in a relationship the girl, or I, buy them for her to wear Weird eh? Can you figure out where it stems back from or is it just a random thing that turns you on? Jack: "Random thing. I have a few of them to be honest, just not to this extent. Jack: " Okay I like C hoking them. As in, I really like it. I could get off on it without being touched. I believe the glasses fetish is either material fetishism or uniforms.

Obviously, strangling is BDSM. As I continued talking to people from all walks of life, including people I went to university with, people from my hometown, people I'd worked with in the past and more, I realised a common thing was people saying how they knew how 'weird' they are.

The thing is Basically, it's a place for like-minded people to meet together and discuss their fetishes. Maybe even meet up. I attempted to make a profile to in, but sadly they're currently not taking on any new members. Luckily, Alfie trusted me with his log in details. As I entered this whole new world, I realised that there's a reason why this site has over five million members. Everyone is so kind, polite and understanding of each other.

In a world where they'd be ostracised if they even taboo fetishes to mention half the things they're into - it was refreshing. I put myself in the shoes of people who genuinely love this shit and it was like paradise. They even have local meetups where people can spend time with other people who feel like they do. It's really quite sweet. The problem with sexual taboo fetishes is that they're such a taboo subject that people feel the need to hide their feelings.

It's everyone else who's fucked, not the people who practice 'unusual' sex. Wearing too much makeup, short clothes, particularly black hair, young mums, trainers, that sort of thing. Me: "Nah I get it, I think we did an article on it a while back - is it like 'chav porn'.

Thomas: "Yes, I also really do enjoy the idea of prostitution within boundaries of courseas the idea of someone doing it for a taboo fetishes makes it hotter for me. Do you enjoy the idea of it more? Thomas: "Former, have done.

Taboo fetishes

Thomas: "Nearly always, yes it has! Thomas had bridged the gap between his fantasy and real life. It was fascinating to find out that he'd spent time with prostitutes and some had fulfilled his fantasies, others had not. I found myself wondering what had happened during the taboo fetishes that his fantasies hadn't been answered, but I decided against asking.

Some things are better left unsaid. They're now engaged. She explained: " Liam and I first got into domination play about three months after getting together. I had a friend who had started to try it full-time with her partner and I wanted to try it.

Liam came up with some rules and I loved it. I t developed into a full-time thing and I started to explore a 'brat' persona and started to call him Daddy - which we both loved. We are also involved with our local kinky scene and have attended a few 'munches' - basically, meet ups with other kinky people. I'm bisexual and, although I hate the stereotype of being 'greedy', I do appreciate women. I wanted to try a threesome for the shits and giggles.

Taboo fetishes

I met a girl on Fetlife and we became friends. And now we're still friends. We would definitely do it again. However, the majority of people I have spoken to have said that they didn't quite live up to their expectations. It was refreshing to speak to Brooke who had spent time getting to know the third person and enjoying a mutually positive experience. I was beginning to really change my idea of what 'fetishes' were all about.

I can't say that I've really explored any of my own, although I am aware of some. I feel like we're brought up to see sex as such a 'dirty' thing, that the idea of anyone being open and confident in their sexuality is shocking and distasteful. Why is it that way though? Tits are for feeding babies, that's it. Anatomically speaking, you should be as turned on by tits as you are by elbows. They've got nothing to do with sex. Let's delve into another real-life story.

However she had this crazy fetish of pretending to be a prostitute. It all started when I asked her to wear some lingerie with suspenders, fishnets and heels. At the time she commented on how taboo fetishes felt like a hooker wearing it, which I took as a negative comment.

Eventually we'd even pretend to exchange money. It did eventually get too risky with the street-walking side of things seeing she actually got approached a few times and I was terrified of getting pulled over. The girl was bonkers My biggest fetish is getting a girl to squirt. It's a huge turn on knowing you made that happen and gave your partner that much pleasure. That's so straight-forward it's brilliant. Ethan taboo fetishes likes giving pleasure to his partner. End of. Wait, what?! He explained one particular incident that will scar me forever: "There was o ne case of pissing on a girl's face while having a blow job.

That's probably the worst. If you have a kink, yeah. Enjoy it. Just make sure it's between consenting adults, okay?! So there you have it. I spoke to so many people today about their different fetishes and it was honestly liberating. I feel better just by hearing about what these people have been up to. My advice is that if you have a fetish or think you might have one - explore it. There's a lot of uptight people out there who'll never experience taboo fetishes you could.

And remember, lo of blokes love a finger up the bum. So start there if you want. Don't be ashamed, l. Featured image c redit: Getty.

Taboo fetishes

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Taboo fetishes Taboo fetishes

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